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Gary Stuart Walker

Gary Stuart Walker

Interim Executive Vice President of Real Estate

Office: 617-330-2080

Mobile: 857-378-9838


Gary joined MassDevelopment in 2017 and serves as the SVP of Real Estate Management with a focus in the Agency's Asset Management Portfolio and Vertical Development. Gary's role is to strengthen MassDevelopment's position and effectiveness as the state's development finance agency and land bank by overseeing the Asset Management portfolio and reviewing various programs and funding applications that seek development assistance. Prior to joining MassDevelopment Gary was a partner in a development consultancy firm, specializing in healthcare projects throughout the Commonwealth. Gary's experience in the Real Estate world spans 35 years of private and public practice in both Europe and the US. Gary credits his long-standing interest in the industry to his mother that became the first female director within a large real estate company in the UK during the early 1980s. Gary holds three degrees in Business and Finance, Construction Management and Architecture, and has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce since 2015.