Center for Human Development Buys, Renovates Greenfield Facility with MassDevelopment Bond

July 6, 2017


Meggie Quackenbush, MassDevelopment, 617-330-2011 & 857-208-2777 (cell)

Kimberley Lee, Center for Human Development

MassDevelopment has issued a $3.1 million tax-exempt bond for the Center for Human Development Inc. (CHD), a Springfield nonprofit that offers community-based social services and behavioral-health programs. CHD will use bond proceeds to renovate and furnish a 38,000-square-foot building at 102 Main Street in Greenfield that will house offices, clinical space, and CHD’s primary medical, dental, outpatient behavioral and wellness services. Planned updates include new clinical, medical, administrative, and general purpose spaces; mechanical upgrades; new entrances, building façade enhancements, and engineering; and parking-lot resurfacing. CHD also plans to lease a portion of the building to the Community Health Center of Franklin County to provide clients with access to primary and dental health services. TD Bank purchased the bond.

“CHD provides citizens with crucial behavioral and mental health services,” said MassDevelopment Executive Vice President of Finance Programs Laura Canter. “We are proud to support its efforts to allow more individuals the access they need to vital medical services and support programs.”

Center for Human Development Inc. was founded in 1972 and allows individuals to build productive lives through social services and behavioral health programs. CHD assists more than 20,000 people each year with shelter housing for homeless families, foster care, juvenile justice programs, and substance abuse recovery programs. It also offers support services for adults with developmental disabilities, elderly adults, and physically or mentally handicapped individuals. CHD is the largest social-service organization in western Massachusetts.

“In today’s healthcare environment, systematic coordination of medical and behavioral healthcare produces the best results. It is the most effective approach to caring for people with multiple healthcare needs,” said Amale Barbara Neary, Center for Human Development Chief Financial Officer. “We are excited about what the Greenfield Center for Wellness will offer and are especially pleased to be able to partner with the Community Health Center of Franklin County to bring to downtown Greenfield an integrated health facility. We are grateful that MassDevelopment and TD Bank shared our vision, and their support helped make this investment possible.”

MassDevelopment, the state’s finance and development agency, works with businesses, nonprofits, financial institutions, and communities to stimulate economic growth across the Commonwealth. During FY2016, MassDevelopment financed or managed 352 projects generating investment of more than $4 billion in the Massachusetts economy. These projects are projected to create about 8,200 jobs and build or rehabilitate about 4,200 residential units.