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PVTA receives over $130,000 grant to provide transportation for vulnerable communities

November 13, 2020 : 22News WWLP.com

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – PVTA is receiving over $130,000 in grant money to help vulnerable populations during this pandemic.

A good chunk of the funding was actually generated through Uber and Lyft fees, and now the PVTA and other agencies will have the funding to help get people without transportation essential items. MassDevelopment partnered with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, to distribute over $1 million worth of grants to 25 different communities and organizations.

The $136,000 the PVTA is receiving will pay for food pantry deliveries, prescription deliveries, and just simple trips to the grocery store and other places people need to get too.

Marah Holland a Transportation Planner for the Metropolitan Planning Council told 22News that the new grant will allow for better transportation that otherwise wasn’t available before.

“Maybe the senior transportation that normally happens is happening no longer or a small bus town service is not running anymore,” said Holland. “So this helps fill transporting gaps that exist during COVID and maybe even before COVID as well.”

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority said vulnerable populations in Hampden, Franklin, and Hampshire counties will all benefit from the increased transportation services. The deliveries will allow people to stay at home while obtaining food or medicine.

In Northampton, the Senior Services Dept. is getting $14,000 to work with a cab compnay to provide medical transportation.

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