‘Sabor De Lynn’ Launches in the City

June 26, 2023 : The Daily Item, Emily Pauls

LYNN — “Sabor De Lynn,” or “Taste of Lynn,” an event that will highlight the city’s “culinary treasures,” has officially been launched, according to the city’s Arts and Culture Planner LaCrecia Thomson. The city, the Downtown Lynn Cultural District, MassDevelopment’s Transformative Development Initiative Creative Cities, and Creative Collective all worked together to set the event in motion.

“We really wanted it to be more than just something like a restaurant week,” Thomson said. “We really wanted people to take this opportunity to immerse themselves in the food of the various cultures around Lynn and really celebrate that, in addition to having people get out and learn the stories behind the food.”

The 12 food establishments participating are: No Limit Nutrition, Mi Corazon Taqueria, Enzo’s Pizzeria, Sunset Caribbean Haitian Restaurant, Estefani’s Restaurant, B Sweets Cakes and Desserts, Verde Juice Bar, Asian Garden, El Gran Jaguar, Antojitos Chapines Restaurant, Union Cafe, and the Capitol Diner.

“From beloved family-owned establishments to contemporary culinary hot-spots, the city presents an extraordinary variety of cuisines that cater to all tastes. Attendees will embark on a flavorful journey, discovering the rich culture behind the city’s vibrant food scene,” a press release from the city reads.

Until June 30, attendees can pick up a loteria de comida (a booklet) at any of the businesses. When you spend $15 at one of the businesses, you will get a sticker for the booklet.

“You keep the booklet and then just take it to each restaurant you visit,” Thomson explained.

Then, on June 30 at Summer Fest Final Fridays at the Lynn Museum, the booklets will be entered into a raffle to win prizes.

“What I like about it is that it just encourages people to try a bunch of different restaurants and have some fun with it while they’re enjoying the yummy food,” Thomson said.

This is Lynn’s first event as part of the Creative Cities program, a two-year MassDevelopment initiative that supports local arts and culture.

This is just the first round of “Sabor De Lynn,” Thomson said, as the city will be holding the event again in the fall.

She said she is glad to be including cuisine in the Creative Cities Initiative, adding that it will show people that the culinary arts are a big part of arts and culture.

“For us it really goes beyond what you typically think of for our culture — it’s more than museums and performances and things like that,” Thomson said. “There is a lot of artistry in food, and also just the richness of the different ethnic groups and cultures around the city.”

“It also contributes to economic development and vitality for the city,” Thomson added. “I just really hope that people will use it as an opportunity to try a restaurant they haven’t before or continue to support the ones that they really enjoy already.”