Guardrail Repair Project (Devens, MA)

Request for Bids

MassDevelopment is seeking a qualified contractor to perform guardrail repairs on guardrail adjacent to various roadways in Devens, Massachusetts. Bidder will remove, dispose, and replace corten guardrails at Patton Road/Barnum Road at lights (8 sections); Barnum at Patton Road (4 sections); Patton Road at pole #86 – both sides (4 sections); Patton Road at pole #76 (2 sections); Patton Road at pole #75 (1 section); Patton Road at Marne Road (2 sections); and Patton at pole #65 (6 sections). 

For more information and to request the full Scope of Work Statement, please contact:
David Blazon
Director, Devens Department of Public Works
Direct: 978-772-1864