TDI Cowork: Collaborative Workspace Program

Collaborative workspaces are working environments that catalyze serendipity and community; and inspire collaboration, explorations, and experimentation among and between tenants working in the innovation and creative economy. Collaborative workspaces, including co-working and makerspaces, often feature open floor plans, community meeting spaces, and other features that encourage interactions among and between tenants and foster casual interactions.

Some collaborative workspaces are hubs of economic activity, becoming headquarters for small and innovative businesses and creating focal points for their clustering. These spaces are dynamic and inclusive places where members of diverse communities (in terms of industries, demographics, and experiences) can meet and work together efficiently and productively, thereby fueling the innovation economy.

Successful collaborative workspaces are built around and accessible to committed and participatory communities. Complementary facilities, institutional programs, cafes, public spaces, and transit options help to build workspace communities. Additionally, spaces that are visible to passers-by and new potential workspace community members incubate and grow more quickly, and have broader spillover effects.

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Collaborative Workspaces - Lessons Learned Video Series

Watch entrepreneurs describe their experiences launching coworking spaces in Massachusetts and what they've learned along the way.

Emily Gouillart, Director of Operations, Stock Pot Malden

Collaborative communities and launch/operations advice: unique permits and issues in shared kitchens. (video duration: 2:28)


Emily Reichert, Executive Director, Greentown Labs Somerville

Intro to Greentown Labs, Operations of specialized technology workspace, expanding and moving, and growing community culture. (video durations: 0:19, 4:32)


Bill Jacobson and Devin Cole, Workbar Boston-Cambridge

Finding an appropriate location, cutting a deal, organizing the space, finding the right scale, creating a vibrant community and Workbar’s expansion as a network of spaces. (video duration: 4:33)