TDI Districts in Development

The ten TDI Districts in Development: Brockton, Haverhill, Holyoke, Lynn, New Bedford, Peabody, Pittsfield, Revere, Springfield, and Worcester will receive enhanced technical assistance, real-estate services, and equity investments in real estate to support local visions for redevelopment, and to catalyze and leverage investments and economic activities. Two additional Gateway Cities, Everett and Malden, will receive directed regional planning and implementation assistance to advance their district visions. 



The Downtown Gateway District will be a national example of successful TOD redevelopment that will be a pleasant, walkable neighborhood with shops, restaurants, offices and residences for all income levels.


Everett and Malden

The Norman Street District will be a unique area to explore various food/beverage manufacturing and retail venues made on-site in Everett.

The Commercial Street Gateway District will be known for successful, diverse industries, both start‐ups and established businesses, that will be outward‐facing with companies interacting with the public, showing off their products as part of a revitalized community space.



The Merrimac Street Transformative District connects two ends of a vibrant downtown—an attractive, safe and diverse place to work, live, study, recreate, dine and shop.



The TOD District will be a center for innovative entrepreneurs, makers, artists, and boutique manufacturing and services and a place where casual and structured collisions and partnerships allow for ideas to be generated, developed and deployed first.



With its proximity to Boston, including the popular commuter ferry and a vibrant arts and culture scene, the One Lynn District will be the next great place to buy a home as well as be a top destination for unique arts-based retail and diverse restaurant scene in the region.


New Bedford 

The Union and Purchase Innovation District is the heart of New Bedford and will be the nation’s best urban neighborhoods in every sense: welcoming, cultured, diverse, fun, with great design and open space and an anchor presence of arts and innovation.



The North River Neighborhood District is a mixed-use neighborhood with an identity all its own, including a Riverwalk component with restaurants and open space oriented towards the North River making a more inviting and safer area.



The Tyler Street District will be a thriving residential neighborhood to an adjacent innovation district where typical day-to-day needs can be met within walking distance at locally owned stores that provide a high level of service.



The Revere Coastal Development District will be a vibrant urban area featuring good live, work, and play opportunities and that enjoys excellent transportation options and a magnificent setting on the shore with unique restaurants and entertainment venues.



The Springfield Innovation District will be known as a mixed use, vibrant, urban center that is a place for education, innovative thinking, entrepreneurship as well as arts, entertainment and dining.



The Theatre District will be known as a bustling hub of cultural activity and entertainment within the downtown that will leverage additional anchors in institutional, residential, and commercial growth to create a mixed-use neighborhood for residents and visitors alike to live, work, and play.