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TDI Districts


Initially part of a TDI regional pilot program beginning in 2019, Downtown Attleboro was designated a full TDI District in 2022. From the transit-oriented development parcels near the Attleboro Commuter Rail Station to the Attleboro YMCA, the Attleboro TDI District contains a mix of retail, professional services, cultural institutions, light manufacturing, public services, and housing of all types. The district has experienced significant private-sector investment in mixed-use and multifamily housing, along with an influx of new small businesses due to the tools and resources of TDI, as well as the efforts of the local Attleboro TDI Partnership. Over the next three years, the Attleboro TDI Partnership plans to focus on activating underutilized spaces, supporting the small business community, and continuing to encourage real estate development, amongst other initiatives.

Attleboro District Map


City of Attleboro    l    Attleboro YMCA  l  BH Property Management  l  Morin’s Diner  l  Ronin BJJ & Fitness, LLC  l  United Regional Chamber of Commerce

For more information, contact:

Tracy Silva Barbosa, TDI Fellow – Attleboro
Direct: 781-309-3399
Email: tbarbosa@massdevelopment.com


Initially part of a TDI regional pilot program beginning in 2019, East End Hyannis was designated a full TDI District in 2022. Hyannis’ Main Street is the “capital” of Cape Cod, boasting a mile-long stretch of retail and restaurants extending from Yarmouth Road in the East End to High School Road Extension and serving as the transportation hub for the region. Despite its active tourism season, the community faces many of the same systemic challenges as its other Gateway City counterparts, including an amplified housing crisis caused in part by the demand for second homes on Cape Cod. The Barnstable TDI Partnership is focused on leveraging the city’s success as a tourist destination to build a more resilient and inclusive year-round economy.

Barnstable District Map


Town of Barnstable  l  Amplify POC  l  Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority  l  Capebuilt Development  l  Cordial Eye  l  Greater Hyannis Chamber of Commerce  l  Hyannis Film Festival  l  Kandy Korner  l  Love Live Local

For more information, contact:

Josie Santos, TDI Fellow – Barnstable
Direct: 781-299-0569
Email: jsantos@massdevelopment.com

Fall River

Initially designated a TDI District from 2018 to 2021, Fall River received a three-year extension to continue the Fall River TDI Partnership and its focus on downtown. As an increasingly active and engaging area experiencing new development and investment, the Fall River TDI District has historical and cultural significance as a booming regional powerhouse. The Fall River TDI Partnership has cultivated new community and organizational capacity to promote the city, provide small business assistance, and explore strategies to attract and diversify the downtown retail mix. With a heavy emphasis on arts and culture as an economic driver, this three-year extension will be an opportunity to connect the work of TDI to more community partners and focus resources on community-capacity building, downtown management, and retail incubation.

Fall River District Map


City of Fall River  l  Viva Fall River  l  One Southcoast Chamber of Commerce  l  Jobs for Fall River (Bristol County Economic Development Council)  l  Fall River Arts and Culture Coalition  l  People Incorporated  l  Rob Roy Academy, Inc.  l  Alexandra’s Boutique, Inc.  l  Fall River Redevelopment Authority  l  SER Jobs for Progress

For more information, contact:

Jim McKeag, SouthCoast Cluster Lead Strategist
Direct: 617-418-0728
Email: jmckeag@massdevelopment.com


The Holyoke TDI District is the southern gateway into the city’s downtown that starts from the end of I-391 and stretches toward Appleton Street, offering affordable rental and homeownership opportunities, mixed-use development, and a dense commercial corridor. While precise boundaries of the district have not yet been finalized, all segments of the South High corridor have been impacted by vacancies, blighted properties, and perception. In revitalizing the district into a thriving gateway, the Holyoke TDI Partnership aims to stimulate private investment to this area, focus public resources, create entrepreneurial opportunities, and sustain local wealth in the hands of residents and business owners.

Holyoke District Map


City of Holyoke  l  City Lounge, LLC  l  Common Capital, Inc.  l  Congregation Sons of Zion, Inc. of Holyoke  l  Crave Food Truck LLC  l  Entrepreneurship for All, Inc.  l  Greater Holyoke Chamber Centennial Foundation, Inc.  l  Hampden County Career Center, Inc.  l  Holyoke Community College  l  Holyoke Housing Authority  l  Latino Chamber of Commerce, Inc.  l  Lighthouse Personalized Education for Teens Inc.  l  Urbanist Capital LLC  l  Valley Opportunity Council, Inc.  l  Way Finders, Inc. 

For more information, contact:

Kevin Moforte, TDI Fellow – Holyoke
Direct: 781-309-3157
Email: kmoforte@massdevelopment.com


The Lawrence TDI District is situated at an important gateway to the west side of the city’s main business district. Anchored by the Broadway and Essex corridors, this district supports many small locally owned businesses and contains large post-industrial properties with significant redevelopment potential. The southern-most portion of the district abuts the Lawrence rail trail, a 1.5-mile stretch of an abandoned rail network that is slated for redevelopment and which connects the banks of the Merrimack River to Manchester, N.H. At the forefront of priorities for the district is ensuring that growth at infill sites fits the fabric of the community. The work of TDI will be integrated into local development here to help guide more equitable development practices and to support small businesses that can lead to economic prosperity in the disctrict. 

Lawrence District Map


City of Lawrence  l  Bell Tower Management LLC  l  El Taller, Inc.  l  Essex Art Center, Inc.  l  Federacion Hispana de Comerciantes, Inc.  l  Groundwork Lawrence, Inc.  l  Lawrence CommunityWorks, Inc.  l  Lawrence Partnerships, Inc.  l  Lawrence Redevelopment Authority  l  Merrimack Valley Planning Commission Regional Resource Center, Inc.  l  One Broadway, LLC  l  Syramad Properties, Inc.   

For more information, contact:

Josefa Arriagada Saieh, TDI Fellow – Lawrence
Direct: 781-309-3384
Email: jsaieh@massdevelopment.com


The Lowell TDI District is a vibrant, mixed-use corridor in the city’s Acre neighborhood surrounded by historic canals and the Merrimack River. The district physically and programmatically links the communities and activities of the Acre neighborhood with UMass Lowell, downtown Lowell, and the Lowell National Historical Park – making it one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the city. The Lowell TDI Partnership will focus on strengthening the connection between these assets and improving the overall livability of the corridor by investing in a walkable neighborhood with a diverse housing stock, increased density, and a strong variety of commercial and retail businesses.

Lowell District Map


City of Lowell  l  Coalition for a Better Acre  l  Community Teamwork, Inc.  l  Jean D’Arc Credit Union  l  The Lowell Plan, Inc.  l  Panela Restaurant Corporation  l  University of Massachusetts Lowell

For more information, contact:

Nate Robertson, TDI Fellow – Lowell
Direct: 781-299-0569
Email: nrobertson@massdevelopment.com


The Union Street Corridor in Lynn is a welcoming place of vibrant diversity that hosts independent businesses with roots from all over the world. The Lynn TDI District represents a five-minute walkshed district starting in Central Square and following Union Street to its intersection with Pinkham. Central Square is a major hub, hosting the commuter rail station, future Lynnstallation site, Galleries at Lynn Arts, and the new Frederick Douglass Park. Further north on Union Street exists several vacant and relatively inactive storefronts, but also a vibrant hodgepodge of health and social service organizations and other businesses. While Lynn is seeing private investment and new market-rate construction emerge, its designation as a TDI District will facilitate a proactive strategy for a collaborative, equitable approach to change management.

Lynn District Map


City of Lynn  l  Building Audacity Incorporated  l  Creative Collective LLC  l  Economic Development Industrial Corporation of Lynn  l  El Gran Jaguar Restaurant, Inc.  l  The Latino Support Network, Inc.  l  Lynn Community Health Center Building Corporation  l  Lynn Community Television, Inc.  l  Lynn Main Streets, Inc.

For more information, contact:

Tristan Foley, TDI Fellow – Lynn
Direct: 781-299-0425
Email: tfoley@massdevelopment.com

New Bedford

The New Bedford TDI District is a diverse and vibrant neighborhood in the central economic corridor of the city’s North End. This distinct neighborhood is characterized by its linear commercial spine of small business storefronts on the ground level of one- and two-story tenement structures along with ethnic restaurants, cafes, bakeries, churches, and social clubs. The supporting dense neighborhood is comprised primarily of multifamily housing for legacy Portuguese-descent residents and Latino, Hispanic, and Central American immigrant populations. At the forefront of priorities for the New Bedford TDI Partnership is place-based economic development that focuses on small-business development, entrepreneurship, and public realm improvements with an arts-and-culture-based approach.

New Bedford District Map


City of New Bedford  l  Cape Verdean Association in New Bedford, Inc.  l  Community Economic Development Center of Southeastern Massachusetts, Inc.  l  Darn It Place, Inc.  l  Entrepreneurship for All, Inc.  l  Groundwork SouthCoast  l  New Bedford Economic Development Council, Inc.  l  Southcoast Community Foundation, Inc.  l  Waterfront Historic Area League of New Bedford, Inc. 

For more information, contact:

Adelsa Mendes, TDI Fellow – New Bedford
Direct: 781-309-3266
Email: amendes@massdevelopment.com


The Pittsfield TDI District is the primary spine of the city’s downtown that runs along North Street from Park Square to Maplewood Avenue, stretching one block in each direction. North Street is considered the city's "Main Street" and commercial hub with its significant pockets of density made up of storefronts, small businesses, and high pedestrian activity. The North Street hub has been challenged by a low concentration of mixed-use and residential development, minimal foot-traffic, and lack of community identity. The Pittsfield TDI Partnership plans to focus much of its efforts on making the downtown more livable through investment in housing, pedestrian infrastructure, public space activation, and creating a supportive ecosystem for small businesses that is self sustaining.

Pittsfield District Map


City of Pittsfield  l  Allegrone Real Estate Group, Inc.  l  Barrington Stage Company, Inc.  l  Berkshire Bank  l  Berkshire Family YMCA, Inc.  l  Berkshire Regional Transit Authority  l  Berkshire Theatre Group, Inc.  l  Downtown Pittsfield, Inc.  l  Somalupe, LLC

For more information, contact:

Julie Copoulos, TDI Fellow – Pittsfield
Direct: 781-299-0555
Email: jcopoulos@massdevelopment.com


The dense, walkable, mixed-use Revere TDI District includes the primary Shirley Avenue retail corridor measuring just over a quarter-mile long, as well as the roughly four to five blocks along its intersection with North Shore Road. This district of mostly one- to five-story buildings and pocket parks is nestled within the crosshairs of Revere Beach, rapid transit, and opportunity sites like Wonderland and Suffolk Downs. With more than 30 active storefronts and an estimated 16 languages spoken among merchants, the district offers clear evidence of the neighborhood’s legacy of serving as an immigrant gateway and an accessible launch-pad for new Americans and emerging entrepreneurs. The Revere TDI Partnership envisions new development that will be well integrated with the character of the existing businesses and streetscape.

Revere District Map


City of Revere  l  The Neighborhood Developers, Inc.  l  Women Encouraging Empowerment, Inc.

For more information, contact:

Laura Christopher, TDI Fellow – Revere
Direct: 617-312-3100
Email: lchristopher@massdevelopment.com 


The Springfield TDI District sits 1.5 miles east of downtown Springfield at Mason Square, the intersection of State Street and Wilbraham Road where four neighborhoods meet: McKnight, Old Hill, Upper Hill, and Bay. At the center of the district along State Street are strips of service-related retail going north and south that offer high-visibility spaces and potential for catalytic investment. The Springfield TDI District has been positioned as creating a commercial hub serving all four neighborhoods to improve small business development, offer inclusive entrepreneurship strategies, and reduce the area’s reputation as a “drive-through” corridor. The area is a historically important, significantly African-American community with numerous multi-generational families of community leaders and activists.

Springfield District Map


City of Springfield  l  American International College  l  Bay Area Neighborhood Council, Inc.  l  The Council of Churches of Greater Springfield, Inc.  l  Hope Community Development Corporation  l  The Gun Violence Elimination Alliance, Inc.  l  Home City Development, Inc.  l  Hope for Youth and Families, Inc.  l  Martin Luther King Jr. Family Services, Inc.  l  Massachusetts Mutual Life insurance Company  l  McKnight Neighborhood Council, Inc.  l  Old Hill Neighborhood Council, Inc.  l  Revitalize Community Development Corporation  l  Springfield Food Policy Council  l  Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.  l  Stone Soul, Inc.  l  Upper Hill Neighborhood Council, Inc.  l  Urban League of Springfield, Inc.  l  Way Finders, Inc.

For more information, contact:

Josh Croke, TDI Fellow – Springfield
Direct: 781-584-2110
Email: jcroke@massdevelopment.com 


The Taunton TDI District comprises the historic industrial Whittenton neighborhood located one mile north of downtown Taunton. Its dense, mixed-use development makes it walkable, resilient, and adaptable. The district is strategically located along a heavily traveled corridor which connects downtown Taunton to I-495 and the Myles Standish Industrial Park. As the northern gateway to downtown, Whittenton is considered to have the greatest potential for transformation among Taunton’s neighborhoods due to its location, existing built environment, and large sites with potential for redevelopment. The classic, high-density urban commercial core in Whittenton is well-poised to support a diverse mix of shops, cafes, salons, and restaurants that would blossom as a by-product of increased population.

Taunton District Map


City of Taunton  l  Broken Chains Biker Church, Inc.  l  Carlos A. Madeira, Trustee, Coltal Realty Trust  l  K&S Liquor, Inc.  l  The King’s Court LLC  l  Mechanics Co-Operative Bank  l  The Polish American Citizens Clubs of Taunton, Inc.  l  Reed and Barton Corporation

For more information, contact:

Sharell Jacobs, TDI Fellow – Taunton
Direct: 781-299-0384
Email: sjacobs@massdevelopment.com 


The Worcester TDI District is centered around pockets along Pleasant Street and is abutted by dense residential housing running parallel to the commercial corridor. This stretch of Pleasant Street is experiencing high commercial vacancy, commercial facades in need of repair, and significant opportunities for redevelopment of vacant parcels and neighborhood recreational spaces. In the west side of the corridor, a number of older businesses are owner-occupied and have made significant private investments to their properties. Further east into the corridor towards downtown, many mixed-use properties have not seen the same levels of investment. The Worcester TDI Partnership aims to accelerate private investment in this area which has historically lagged behind investment taking place in other neighborhoods.

Worcester District Map


City of Worcester  l  Ed Hyder's Mediterranean Marketplace  l  Fast Trek Systems, Inc.  l  Hilltop Group Holdings, LLC  l  McElwee, Inc.  l  Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center, Inc.  l  TLK Sports, LLC  l  Worcester Common Ground, Inc.  l  Worcester Housing Authority

For more information, contact:

Ivette Olmeda, TDI Fellow – Worcester 
Direct: 857-295-5314
Email: iolmeda@massdevelopment.com