Chelsea TDI District MapThe Chelsea TDI District is an active commercial district with close to zero storefront vacancies. It’s notable for its comfortable scale, historic architecture, and roughly 200 ground-level businesses: restaurants, bodegas, and shops, with most owned by Central American & Caribbean merchants. Just four miles from Boston, the district can be accessed by several high-ridership bus routes, most notably the 11 (which runs through the center of the district), a commuter rail station, and the Silver Line. The Chelsea TDI Partnership is focused on inclusive community engagement and small business resiliency.  Building on the district’s key asset – its business community – the TDI Partnership aims to provide direct assistance to small businesses, build relationships between key institutions and the business community, improve public spaces, and facilitate a community visioning process to help articulate a palpable identity that the district can use to define itself within the city and the region.




For more information, contact:

Carlos Matos
TDI Fellow – Chelsea
Direct: 857-295-4225