Holyoke TDI District MapThe Holyoke TDI District lies at the intersection of four neighborhoods in the Center City area: Churchill, Downtown Holyoke, South Holyoke, and The Flats. The TDI District encompasses historic mills that are now being adapted for new uses (e.g. housing, small-scale manufacturing, etc.), as well as two busy commercial streets — Main Street and High Street — that feature smaller storefront spaces for businesses. Through TDI, Holyoke is positioning itself as a hub for controlled environment agriculture, a vibrant cultural anchor for its Latinx residents, and an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship and small business development. After many decades of disinvestment, the district is seeing an influx of new housing, businesses, and jobs, and Holyoke's TDI Partnership is engaging multiple strategies to ensure that existing Holyoke residents are able to benefit from these new opportunities.


City of Holyoke Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center
Entrepreneurship for All Holyoke Holyoke Community College  


For more information, contact:

Insiyah Bergeron
TDI Fellow – Holyoke
Direct: 857-529-2254