New Bedford

New Bedford TDI District MapThe New Bedford TDI District is at the hub of the region’s creative innovation economy. Anchored by an array of institutions, arts and cultural amenities, and iconic businesses, the district has recently attracted several public and private investments, including a new hotel, a community coworking space, and multiple new restaurants. The district and wider downtown are primed for additional new development, containing developable sites that could support a dense and diverse residential population with an array of new housing, quality dining options, and unique retail attractions. In its final year in the TDI program, the New Bedford TDI Partnership is working to continue and expand marketing efforts for downtown, focus on the long-term management, programming, maintenance, and development of the block around Wings Court, and identify appropriate mid- to long-term district management structures and financing sources.



City of New Bedford New Bedford Economic Development Council Waterfront Historic Area League HallKeen Management
Downtown New Bedford Inc. Entrepreneurship For All New Bedford Seaport Cultural District SouthCoast Chamber
3rd Eye Unlimited Co-Creative Center Bristol Community College CVPA
New Bedford Historical Society NBAM Super Flat New Bedford

For more information, contact:

James McKeag
TDI Fellow – New Bedford
Direct: 617-418-0728