Pittsfield TDI District MapThe Pittsfield TDI District is located in a residential area surrounding Tyler Street, a commercial corridor. The TDI Partnership’s vision for the district is a unique blend of age, ethnicity and socioeconomic diversity that reflects its industrial roots in a modern and creative way. The area’s designation as a TDI district, together with the presence and visibility of the TDI Partnership, have had a significant public impact on the neighborhood. Projects completed during the course of the TDI program, such as the Tyler Street Better Block, the groundbreaking of the Berkshire Innovation Center, launch of the Tyler Street Lab, and redevelopment of the St. Mary’s church property, along with other program initiatives, have positively shifted neighborhood and community perception of the neighborhood and its potential.


City of Pittsfield Pittsfield Economic Development Authority Tyler Street Business Group
Berkshire Children & Families Be Well Berkshires Berkshire Community College


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Amewusika Sedzro
TDI Fellow – Pittsfield
Direct: 617-275-6639