Worcester - Main South

Worcester Main South TDI DistrictThe Worcester TDI District is located in Main South, one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods. Situated on a five-block stretch of Main Street, the district is about a half-mile from City Hall, to the north, and Clark University’s campus, to the south, and acts as a gateway for those traveling to downtown Worcester and the Webster Square neighborhood. Main South has a long and proud history as home to much of Worcester’s blue-collar working class; splendid Victorian structures coexist with traditional triple-deckers that were built to house the workforce once employed in nearby industrial facilities. Aiming to bridge the success seen downtown and in other Worcester neighborhoods to lift up Main South, the TDI Partnership’s vision is to engage local business and property owners, organize a business association, and develop strategic reuse plans for vacant sites to help Main South become a walkable and vibrant neighborhood.


City of Worcester Main South Community Development Corporation Clark University
YMCA of Central Massachusetts    


For more information, contact:

Ivette Olmeda
TDI Fellow – Worcester
Direct: 857-295-5314