TDI Local

TDI Local is a small grants program that supports local market development. These small grants foster business, resident, and property owner engagement and build community identity while improving the public realm.

TDI Local encourages awardees to demonstrate a competitive match and has made grants that include these four categories:

  • Local Lift, to enhance storefront improvement programs;
  • Lease it Local, to provide lease subsidies and small build-out grants to businesses opening in vacant storefronts;
  • Find it Local, to increase business district visibility, marketing, lighting, and wayfinding; and
  • Unique programs designed by the applicant to support small businesses within their district.

TDI Local funding is awarded as block grants to representative public or not-for-profit organizations within the TDI Partnerships. The block grants, matched with local funding, are distributed to sub-grantees through locally developed programs designed to suit those individual communities’ needs and priorities.

TDI program staff have also adapted these grants to best meet conditions in the Gateway Cities, such as in FY20 and FY21. Be sure to read the current year’s RFP for full program guidance and requirements.

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For more information, contact:

Noah Koretz
Director Transformative Development