Planning & Predevelopment

MassDevelopment works with municipal officials, planners, local stakeholders, and others to provide technical assistance aimed at addressing site-specific and/or district-wide economic development challenges. Through MassDevelopment’s in-house expertise and contracts with “house doctor” consultants, our real estate services team provides creative solutions and feasible steps for municipalities and other public entities to effectively address planning and development projects.

Real Estate Services (RES) Technical Assistance

Real Estate Services (RES) Technical Assistance is part of the Community One Stop for Growth, a single application portal and collaborative review process of community development grant programs that makes targeted investments based on a Development Continuum. Municipalities, municipal agencies, and other public entities can apply for RES Technical Assistance funding.

For FY24, RES Technical Assistance proposals must be tied either to the redevelopment of public surplus property or to the adoption of district management tools. 

Grant Terms and Conditions

Grantees will be required to execute a standard grant agreement. The agreement provides that in most instances, the Agency will be repaid from any net property sale proceeds, long-term lease revenue, or refinancing proceeds. If a grant does not result in new revenues, there is no repayment obligation.

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Claire O'Neill, Senior Vice President Real Estate Planning