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TEFRA Hearing Notices

Upcoming TEFRA Hearings



October 11, 2022

New England Life Flight, Inc. TEFRA Hearing Notice

October 11, 2022

Trustees of Boston University TEFRA Hearing Notice

October 11, 2022

CIL Realty of Massachusetts Incorporated TEFRA Hearing Notice

October 11, 2022

Southcoast Hospitals Group, Inc. TEFRA Hearing Notice

October 11, 2022

D'Youville Senior Care, Inc. TEFRA Hearing Notice

About TEFRA Hearings
MassDevelopment holds public hearings in connection with its bond financings, when and as required by Section 147(f)(2)(B)(i) of the Internal Revenue Code. These hearings are commonly known as TEFRA Hearings, since they were instituted by the federal Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (“TEFRA”). The purpose of the TEFRA hearing is to receive comments, if any, from interested parties on matters regarding the issuance of bonds and the location and nature of the project for which the bond funds will be allocated. A TEFRA hearing must be held before the Governor can approve the issuance of tax exempt debt by MassDevelopment on behalf of the borrower who will repay the bond. All TEFRA hearings are held by teleconference using a toll free telephone number that can be found in the hearing notice posted on this website for the particular bond issuance.

Prior to the meeting, written comments may be provided to MassDevelopment, Attn: Investment Banking, 99 High Street, Boston, MA 02210, in lieu of attending the meeting. Persons desiring to participate at the public hearing must make a written request at least 24 hours prior to the hearing by email to tefrahearinginfo@massdevelopment.com or by mail to MassDevelopment, 99 High Street, Boston, MA 02110, Attn: TEFRA Hearings.

There is no presentation by either MassDevelopment or the borrower regarding the project being financed at a TEFRA hearing and no additional information beyond the description in the TEFRA notice is provided.  

Accessibility at Our Locations
If you need an accommodation to participate in a MassDevelopment meeting, event, or program, please call 617-330-2000 or email board@massdevelopment.com. Please request accommodations as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours before a scheduled event so that we can have adequate time to accommodate your needs. Click here to view our Accessibility policy.