Archives: 2009

December 22, 2009: Press Release

The Groves in Lincoln to Build New Independent Living Homes for Elders with $117 Million MassDevelopment Bond

December 21, 2009: Press Release

MassDevelopment Issues $1.97 Million in Bonds to Help Attleboro Enterprises Expand, Renovate Building

December 14, 2009: Press Release

Prospect Hill Academy Charter School to Renovate Buildings Thanks to $6.5 Million Bond from MassDevelopment

December 11, 2009: Article

​State, Town to Work on Defunct School ​

December 10, 2009: Press Release

MassDevelopment Issues $43 Million in Bonds to Enable Western New England College to Build Academic Building

December 10, 2009: Article

Meredith-Springfield Moves Into PET Market with Two Aoki Systems

December 9, 2009: Press Release

Hawthorn Services to Purchase Adult Day Health Center with $925,000 MassDevelopment Bond

December 8, 2009: Article

Weymouth Apartment Complex Sold; 65 Units to Stay Affordable

December 8, 2009: Article

Tammy Brook Dwellers in Weymouth Have New Owner

December 7, 2009: Press Release

$10.17 Million MassDevelopment Bond Preserves 65 Affordable Housing Units and Funds Upgrades at Tammy Brook Apartments

November 24, 2009: Article

Walpole, State Sends Message to Local Business

November 17, 2009: Article

MassDevelopment Offers Developers a Wider Range of Incentives than Tri-Town

November 17, 2009: Article

Devens: A Base Redevelopment Formula that Works

November 10, 2009: Press Release

State to Invest $177,375 in Cultural Facilities ​

November 9, 2009: Press Release

MassDevelopment Issues $3.3 Million in Bonds, Guarantees Loan for Hill View Montessori Foundation

November 8, 2009: Article

Seafood Firms are Offered Loans

November 4, 2009: Press Release

MassDevelopment to Offer $100,000 in Low-Cost Loans to Gloucester Seafood Businesses Affected by Summer Water Crisis

October 31, 2009: Article

Bay States Low-Income Programs Get Boost

October 30, 2009: Press Release

MassDevelopment Secures $55 Million in Federal Tax Credits to Encourage Private Investment in Distressed Communities

October 29, 2009: Press Release

MassDevelopment and Wright Builders Break Ground on Eastview Homes at Village Hill Northampton

October 29, 2009: Press Release

MassDevelopment Provides $3 Million in Bonds to Expand Facility at Hospice of the North Shore

October 28, 2009: Press Release

MassDevelopment, MassBio and UMass Hold BioReady Gateway Cities Developer Conference

October 26, 2009: Article

State, Springfield Officials See 1550 Main as a Catalyst for Further Growth

October 26, 2009: Article

Fueling Optimism

October 20, 2009: Press Release

MassDevelopment CEO Culver and Mayor Bissonnette Announce $100,000 for Uniroyal/Facemate Clean-Up

October 20, 2009: Article

Chicopee Gets $100,000 to Begin Cleanup Process of Former Uniroyal Tire Industrial Complex

October 20, 2009: Article

To Foster Green Energy, State Needs to Make Bets

October 16, 2009: Article

MassDevelopment Directors Meet Locals on Devens

October 9, 2009: Press Release

Representative Neal, Mayor Sarno, Secretary Bialecki, and MassDevelopment CEO Culver Announce Partnership to Revitalize Main Street Corridor

September 29, 2009: Press Release

Low-Cost Financing From MassDevelopment Helps Harborlight Make Homes for Working Families, Elders, and Disabled

September 24, 2009: Press Release

Masy Systems of Pepperell Constructs Biopharma Storage Facility with MassDevelopment Equipment Loan

September 23, 2009: Article

Springfield Mayor Firm On Move

September 23, 2009: Article

Nonprofits Paying Price for Gamble on Finances

September 22, 2009: Press Release

MassDevelopment Issues $3.5 Million in Bonds to Support Merrimack Valley Hospice In-Patient Care

September 22, 2009: Article

Devens Gets $500,000 for Dispatch Hub

September 19, 2009: Article

Perkins School to Expand

September 17, 2009: Press Release

Massachusetts: It’s All Here Launches Statewide Promotional Effort

September 17, 2009: Press Release

There's A Lot to Like About Lowell: 100 Developers And Real Estate Professionals Tour Key Sites During City/MassDevelopment-Sponsored Conference

September 17, 2009: Article

Development Opportunities Enormous

September 14, 2009: Press Release

Homisco, Inc. of Melrose to Meet European Demand For Its Call Management Systems and Create Seven Jobs Thanks to MassDevelopment Export Loan Guarantee

September 14, 2009: Article

BMS Wraps Up Construction On Devens Plant

September 10, 2009: Article

Home Green Home

September 3, 2009: Press Release

Patrick-Murray Administration Releases $7.96 Million for Public Safety, Highlights Municipal Regionalization Efforts

August 24, 2009: Article

Green Building Contest in Devens

August 18, 2009: Press Release

MassDevelopment Chooses Four Baystate Teams to Vie for Right to Build Model Green Housing in Devens

August 13, 2009: Press Release

Penikese Island School to Buy Administrative Building Thanks to MassDevelopment Loan Guarantee

August 6, 2009: Press Release

Leaders Celebrate $750,000 Economic Stimulus to Metrowest Creative Sector

July 30, 2009: Press Release

Governor Patrick Announces 100 New Jobs for Sutton Facility Expansion

July 16, 2009: Press Release

MassDevelopment Offers to Purchase 1550 Main St. in Springfield

June 12, 2009: Article

Kollmorgen HQ Project at Village Hill Approved

May 21, 2009: Article

Bob Culver Testifies

March 4, 2009: Article

Kollmorgen Plans Move Ahead

February 15, 2009: Article

Progress Visible at Hospital Site