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Archives: 2010

December 29, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Board Chair Announces Robert Culver to End Seven-Year Run as President

December 20, 2010: Press Release

Horn Packaging Corporation to Purchase, Renovate Building For Manufacturing With Help From $7.04 Million MassDevelopment Bond

December 14, 2010: Press Release

Suffolk University to Erect Academic Building with Support from $66 Million in MassDevelopment Bonds

December 9, 2010: Article

Foxborough Charter’s $26.6 Million Addition Due in 2012

December 9, 2010: Press Release

May Institute Buys Randolph Building Thanks to $16 Million Bond Issued by MassDevelopment

December 8, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Issues $6.5 Million Bond to Help the Winchendon School, Inc. Complete Ice Arena and Build New Dorm

December 7, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Bond Helps Natick’s Mary Ann Morse Healthcare Add Rooms, Expand Common Areas for Seniors

December 6, 2010: Press Release

Foxborough Regional Charter School to Add Classrooms, Gym, Science Labs with Help From $26.6 Million MassDevelopment Bond

December 1, 2010: Press Release

Springfield’s Thorn Industries Purchases Building With Help From $450,000 MassDevelopment Loan

November 29, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Expands “Green Loan” Program to All Businesses, Nonprofits in Massachusetts

November 24, 2010: Press Release

American Meteorological Society to Expand in Boston’s Beacon Hill with Help From $5.5 Million MassDevelopment Bond

November 22, 2010: Press Release

$5 Million MassDevelopment Bond Supports Melrose YMCA’s Purchase, Renovation of Childcare Space

November 18, 2010: Press Release

Old Colony Montessori School to Expand with Help From $1.04 Million MassDevelopment Bond

November 10, 2010: Article

Delivering the Goods

November 9, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Bond Supports Cardinal Spellman Fitness Center Construction, Academic Building Renovations

November 8, 2010: Article

Reconstruction of Former Federal Building in Springfield Nearly Complete

November 7, 2010: Article

Forget Airport – Let Devens Keep Up the Good Work

November 3, 2010: Article

10th Anniversary Open House Illuminates Fort Devens Memories

October 27, 2010: Article

Murray: $1.5 Million in Grants for ‘Green’ Communities

October 24, 2010: Article

Two Proposals May Turn Tide in Downtown

October 24, 2010: Article

State Loan Boosts Farm

October 20, 2010: Article

Iredale Breaks Ground

October 20, 2010: Press Release

Former Gardner Furniture Manufacturing Facility to Become Assisted Living Apartments With Help From $600,000 MassDevelopment Bond

October 20, 2010: Press Release

Rehoboth’s Souza Family Farm Receives $15,000 From MassDevelopment / Strolling of the Heifers Loan Program

October 19, 2010: Press Release

Anna Maria College to Build Residence Hall, Lease Energy-Efficient Equipment Thanks to MassDevelopment Tax-Exempt Bonds and Lease

October 16, 2010: Article

Family Lands State Loan to Revitalize 136-Year-Old Gloucester Wharf

October 13, 2010: Press Release

East Main Street Wharf in Gloucester Gets Facelift with Help From $100,000 MassDevelopment Loan

October 7, 2010: Press Release

Kayem Foods, Maker of Fenway Franks, to Purchase New Equipment and Create 20 Jobs with $6.5 Million Recovery Zone Bond

October 6, 2010: Article

Chelmsford Gets Money for Katrina Road Cleanup

October 5, 2010: Article

Townsend Developer to Build Devens Houses That Generate Virtually No Energy Costs

October 4, 2010: Press Release

Transformations of Townsend to Build Model Green Housing in Devens

September 29, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Loans to Help Remediate Everett Brownfields Site, Renovate Building for “Green” Fuel Company

September 28, 2010: Article

Village Hill Development Moves Forward

September 27, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Helps Marlborough’s Employment Options Install New Mechanical Systems With Low-Cost $120,000 Loan

September 27, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Bond Helps Dorchester Charter School Buy Building, Add Grades

September 22, 2010: Article

Have Real Estate, Will Travel

September 21, 2010: Press Release

More Than 30 Real Estate Experts Attend Berkshire County Tour

September 20, 2010: Press Release

Cambridge Housing Authority to Renovate Affordable Housing With Help From $30 Million MassDevelopment Bond

September 13, 2010: Article

Growing Market Spurs Innovation by Pioneer Valley Agricultural Start-Ups

September 6, 2010: Article

Transitions at Devens Provides Housing for Families Needing Help

August 30, 2010: Press Release

Green Basil Farms Lands First Loan Under New Statewide Small Farm Loan Program

August 25, 2010: Article

Mystic Valley Gets $8M Bond for Athletic Complex

August 25, 2010: Press Release

Mystic Valley Regional Charter School to Build Athletics Facility, Fields with Help from $8 Million MassDevelopment Bond

August 22, 2010: Article

New Bedford Well-Positioned for Economic Growth

August 17, 2010: Article

Off the Beat: Village Hill Picks Up Steam, Despite Economy

August 17, 2010: Article

American Superconductor Buys Stake in U.K. Company

August 11, 2010: Article

Developer Gets Low-Interest Loan for Renovation

August 10, 2010: Article

Celldex Re-ups, Expands in Fall River

August 10, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Lends $1 Million to Complete Renovations to Downtown Leominster Building

August 6, 2010: Article

Transitions at Devens Bring Help, Hope

August 5, 2010: Article

Statement of MassDevelopment President & CEO Bob Culver on Economic Development Bill Signing

August 5, 2010: Article

Devens Library Checks Out Nicely for Laddawn

August 4, 2010: Press Release

Laddawn, Inc. Chooses Devens for Companys New Headquarters

August 4, 2010: Article

Event Formally Recognizes Purchase of Mount Carmel

August 3, 2010: Article

Brighton Community Center Begins to Take Shape

August 3, 2010: Article

Development Bill is More Than a Tax Holiday

August 1, 2010: Article

Springfield School Department Settles Into New Headquarters Downtown

July 30, 2010: Press Release

Transitions at Devens Opens New Emergency Shelter For Homeless Women And Children

July 26, 2010: Article

How A Springfield Renovation Project Is Revitalizing The City

July 21, 2010: Press Release

Brien Center to Use $3 Million MassDevelopment Bond to Renovate Former Church for Programs, Offices

July 13, 2010: Press Release

$11.5 Million MassDevelopment Financing Package Supports New Ambulatory Care Facility at Lynn Community Health

July 8, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment and City of Chicopee Announce Additional $100,000 for Uniroyal/Facemate Clean-Up

July 7, 2010: Press Release

Brockton Human Service Agency to Upgrade IT Systems with $163,000 MassDevelopment Loan

July 5, 2010: Article

A Study In Evolution

July 1, 2010: Press Release

Muffin Town to Create 60 Jobs in Lawrence, Renovate Building With $6.5 Million MassDevelopment Bond

July 1, 2010: Article

Biotech Firm Moving Its Base to Billerica

June 30, 2010: Press Release

Edgartowns F.A.R.M. Institute to Use $60,000 MassDevelopment Loan for Municipal Water Tie-In Project, Irrigation, Farming Equipment

June 28, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Issues $134,545,000 in Bonds on Behalf of Emerson College to Support Paramount Center, Colonial Building Improvements

June 25, 2010: Article

State-Aided Projects Win Praise

June 23, 2010: Press Release

$2.5 Million MassDevelopment Bond to Help Support Completion of Academic Building at Hadleys Hartsbrook School

June 23, 2010: Article

Home Recycler True to Name

June 21, 2010: Press Release

Malden Realty Corporation to Upgrade Facility, Retain Jobs With Help From $475K MassDevelopment Loan

June 3, 2010: Press Release

The Learning Center for the Deaf to Build Early Childhood Center with Help from $3.6 Million MassDevelopment Bond

May 25, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Issues $20.5 Million Bond to Help D`Youville Senior Care Build Transitional Care Unit, Create 51 Jobs

May 24, 2010: Article

Governor Patrick Launches Manufacturing Initiative

May 21, 2010: Article

With Economic Recovery Growing, Governor Patrick Announces Initiative to Bolster Massachusetts Advanced Manufacturing Sector

May 13, 2010: Article

Developers Tour Local Sites

May 13, 2010: Press Release

Developers and Real Estate Professionals from Greater Boston Saw Much to Like on Franklin County Tour with Local Officials

May 12, 2010: Article

Developers to Tour County

May 11, 2010: Article

Saving Our State Farms

May 10, 2010: Article

Development Agencys Troubled Loans Swell

May 6, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Makes $2.8 Million New Markets Loan to Renovate Historic Plummer Building in Downtown Worcester

April 30, 2010: Article

Colleges Find New Ways To Do Bond Deals

April 29, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Issues $3.7 Million in Bonds to Support Sturbridge Day Habilitation Facility at Rehabilitative Resources

April 27, 2010: Press Release

Lilliputian Systems to Expand Wilmington Manufacturing With $5 Million Loan From MassDevelopment, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

April 26, 2010: Article

Doing Business in Northampton

April 16, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Announces New Executive Vice President of Devens Operations

April 14, 2010: Article

Lyman Company to Stay Thanks to MassDevelopment

April 9, 2010: Article

Chicopee Firm Plans Upgrade

April 8, 2010: Press Release

John R. Lyman Company to Buy and Upgrade Chicopee Facility with $2.2 Million MassDevelopment Bond

April 5, 2010: Article

CHOICE Housing Complex Breaks Ground

March 29, 2010: Article

Belchertown Selectmen Want the Town and MassDevelopment to Help Develop Former Belchertown State School Land

March 16, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Issues $1.44 Million in Bonds for United Cerebral Palsy Association to Renovate Headquarters, Build Handicap-Accessible Group Home

March 11, 2010: Press Release

Lowell Charter School for At-Risk Students to Purchase Building with Help from $2.61 Million in MassDevelopment Bonds

March 7, 2010: Article

Springfield Tries to Showcase River

March 5, 2010: Article

MassDevelopment Gives Cathedral High $12 Million in Bonds

March 4, 2010: Press Release

Cathedral High School to Convert Buildings, Add 7th and 8th Grades Thanks to $12 Million MassDevelopment Bond

March 4, 2010: Press Release

$1.8 Million MassDevelopment Bond to Help Chelmsford Housing Authority Build 37 Affordable Senior Housing Units

March 1, 2010: Article

Slow, Sustainable Investing

March 1, 2010: Press Release

Worcester Polytechnic Institute to Build Sports and Recreation Center with Proceeds from $56 Million MassDevelopment Bond

March 1, 2010: Article

Financing Lined Up for WPI Athletic Center

February 26, 2010: Article

Restaurant Newcomer Helps Medford Move Forward with Parking Garage

February 22, 2010: Press Release

$30 Million Tax-Exempt MassDevelopment Bond to Help Finance Perkins Lower School Construction, Renovation

February 21, 2010: Article

Bristol-Myers Sets Sites on Devens Approval

February 19, 2010: Article

School HQ Good Fit for Downtown Springfield

February 18, 2010: Article

Loans Aim to Help Struggling Farmers

February 18, 2010: Article

Loans Help Farmers Rebound From 2009

February 16, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment, Strolling of the Heifers, and the Carrot Project Launch Loan Program to Help Massachusetts Farmers

February 15, 2010: Article

Pizza Chain Owner Wins Amesbury Project Money

February 14, 2010: Article

Chicopee Officials Predict New Commercial, Industrial Development in Coming Year

February 12, 2010: Article

Uniroyal Site Plan Under Way

February 11, 2010: Press Release

Public-Private Partnership Plus $80,000 in MassDevelopment Brownfields Funds to Lay Groundwork for Handicap-Accessible YMCA Parking Lot in Downtown Athol

February 9, 2010: Article


February 2, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Issues $1.915 Million Tax-exempt Bond to Support Cooperative Production, Inc. in Taunton

January 21, 2010: Article

New School, Strong Wings Merger Finalized by $1.25 Million State Bond

January 19, 2010: Press Release

Lawrence's Class, Inc. to Buy Building Thanks to $3.15 Million MassDevelopment Bond

January 18, 2010: Article

Designs on Future

January 16, 2010: Article

The Kennedy Donovan Center Moves to Kingston

January 15, 2010: Article

Draft Mill Site Report Finished

January 11, 2010: Article

New Bedford Breaks Ground at Riverside Landing

January 10, 2010: Article

Using Different Tools to Help Small Businesses Survive

January 8, 2010: Article

Uniroyal Site Demolition Starts

January 7, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Issues $1.25 Million Tax-Exempt Bond to Support the Merger of Nantucket New School and Strong Wings

January 5, 2010: Article

Biopharmaceutical Industry Is Banking on Boston

January 4, 2010: Press Release

MassDevelopment Provides $630,000 Low-Interest Loan to Help Buzzard Bays KC Enterprises Buy Building